Beyoncé’s New Album Release Date Has Been Announced

The long-awaited comeback of Beyoncé (40) is not far away anymore. On July 29, the singer will return to the spotlights with new music, streaming services ‘TIDAL’ and ‘Spotify’ announced on Thursday.

“The countdown has officially begun. Beyoncé’s back July 29,” the announcement reads, accompanied by a picture that reads “act i: RENAISSANCE.” The album will contain sixteen tracks.

In the past week, several indications could be found that would point to new music from Beyoncé. For example, Beyoncé’s site talked about something that is B7 and B8, which could indicate not one but two albums. The announcement about ‘act i’ suggests there may be more to come after RENAISSANCE.

Yoncé’s last solo studio album dates to 2016 with Lemonade. After that, she released the album Everything Is Love that she made with her husband Jay-Z under the name The Carters and she also recorded The Lion King soundtrack The Gift.