Prince Charles told Diana he Didn’t Love her 1 Night before The Wedding

Although it has been over 23 years, the unexpected devastating death of Diana hasn’t been forgotten. In fact still new discoveries are being made to shed light on her tragic death.


“At this point, Diana even thought about not going to the wedding,” said astrologer Peggy Thornton. Diana had stated in an interview with Martin Bashir of the BBC in 1995 that their marriage with Charles was a “three person-relationship”. In that interview, Diana Spencer said that both she and Prince Charles had other relationships during their marriage.

They knew it from the start

Judging by the documentaries made over their marriage it was obvious the marriage wouldn’t work. From the point of their engagement there were signals it would end the way it did. Prince Charles first saw Diana at a period when he was dating her older sister. During that time Diana was a 16-year old young girl. During an interview right after their Wedding Prince Charles said when asked how he felt about Diana: ”She’s a verry joyful attractive young girl.”

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They didn’t know eachother very well

After a while they decided to get engaged. At that time Pricess Diana had the title of ‘Lady’. When they had set their first step towards their marriage in 1981, they had only seen eachother 13 times. Most of those rendez-vous were during events or in the company of other people.

That traumatizing answer

The news of their engagement had taken the world by storm. As a tradition Prince Charles and Diana gave an interview after news had come out about their engagement. During that interview Diana was asked the question: ”Are you in love” on which she replied ”Yes we are in love”. But Prince Charles answered rather surprisingly.. Reporters who’ve followed the Royal Family for many years claimed that that particular answer traumatized Diana.

‘What does love mean..’

Prince Charles replied to that question the following way: ‘What does love mean..’
Princess Diana later stated during an interview that she found it very strange the way Prince Charles answered.

They married in 1981

Prince Charles and Princess Diana married in 1981 with a prestigious ceremony. They had two kids which ofcourse you all know: Prince William and Prince Harry. But the couple have only been happy for a very brief period. Prince Charles could just not forget about his one and only true love Camilla Parker Bowles.

A new life

The famous couple divorced in 1996. Maybe she would have a new joyful life full of hapiness but the fatal accident took that opportunity from her. A book published about the life of Prince Charles because of his 70th birthday claimed that Charles wanted to end the relationship before the stage of marriage, however he didn’t end it to avoid a media scandal.