Kylie Jenner Reveals How Her Mom Helped Stormi Into The world: “She pulled the baby out of my vagina”

An intimate mother-daughter moment, Kylie Jenner (25) and Kris Jenner (66) can testify to that. The two were guests on “The Late Late Show” and revealed a special story. When Kylie gave birth to her baby daughter Stormi in 2018, mom Kris was the midwife on duty. “I wore gloves and a sterile suit to take the baby out of my own child,” she said.

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When Kylie gave birth to Stormi in 2018, her mother Kris was in the front row. And you can take that very literally. “She brought my first child into the world. She pulled the baby out of my vagina,” Kylie said. To which Kris agreed with the beautiful moment: “Indeed, I brought Stormi into the world. I wore gloves and a sterile suit to take the baby out of my own child.” Four years later, Kylie still views her mother’s presence in childbirth as a huge plus. “She’s amazing. She’s calm and she had six kids of her own. I didn’t want anyone else by my side.”

In February, Kylie and her boyfriend Travis Scott welcomed a baby for the second time. And although Kris was very close at Stormi’s birth, she took on a different role during the second delivery. “She was a videographer,” Kylie told us. Stormi had a baby brother, but his name remains a secret for now. Initially, the parents named him Wolf, but in hindsight that turned out not to be a match after all according to Kylie and Travis. The couple had second thoughts and chose another name. But on paper, the little boy is still called Wolf. “We didn’t officially change his name yet. On his passport it still says Wolf. But that won’t be his name. We’re just waiting at the moment.”


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Kylie Jenner Shows Nipples On Instagram

Kylie Jenner (24) has posted two striking photos on Instagram. The reality star shows off nipples and that while Instagram – still – does not tolerate that. But these nipples most likely will be tolerated by Instagram’s algorithm…

‘Free the nipple’

Kylie does not show her own nipples but wears a bikini with a nipple print. That is something different than a leopard print for a change. And guess what? Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t realize that the photos show female nipples. The photo has now been on the makeup guru’s account for almost 24 hours. ‘Free the nipple’, Kylie writes with the photos.

And then obviously you ask yourself where you can buy that amazing bikini? Well, the bikini top is from Jean Paul Gaultier and costs a mere 140 euros. Unfortunately, the bikini top is already sold out on the site of the French fashion house, but you can always go for the dress or shirt in the same print. The matching bikini bottom is also available, which shows the feminine shapes down below…