Girls we’re not recommending to use these on your man as we all know we get a lot of pleasure out of tormenting them with our fingers when we pop out their blackheads! I know it may sound disgusting to some of you but I’m sure there’s a study which shows how many of us actually do this to our men!

But what are blackheads exactly?

Blackheads are small, dark abrasions which appear on the skin, in particularly they appear mostly on annoying and clear to see spots such as the face or neck. Blacheads are a form of acne but they can show up without having other features of acne present.

The most common skin disorder in The United States is acne. It affects at least 50 million people per year.

American Academy of Dermatology

What is the cause of blackheads?

Blackheads are formed when the hair follicles on your skin gets clogged or plugged. Follicles contain a single hair follicle and an oil which is called Sebum. Sebum helps to keep the skin soft. When dead skin cells and Sebum come together in a hair follicle a bump, referred to as comedo, will be formed. When the skin over this bump stays closed a Whitehead will be the result, however if the bump stays open exposure to air will make it appear black, thus a blackhead is then born!

Some skins are more likely to be the victim of these vicious blackheads. Some of the factors are summed up below:

  • Oily skins
  • Irritated hair follicles because of dead skin cells
  • Increased hormonal changes causing excessive oil production which can be caused during menstruation, while taking birth control pills or simply because of the changes a body goes through in the teenage years.
  • Drugs: Lithium, androgens or Corticosteroids.

What are possible Blackhead treatments?

Treatments without prespriction

At grocery stores, drug stores and online a whole variety of acne medication can be bought without a precription. These treatments usually come in the form of creams, gels and pads who’m need to be directly applied on the skin. These measures work by killing the bacteria and forcing the skin to shed the dead skin cells. These drugs can contain the following: resorcinol, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide

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prescribed medication

If the above named over-the-counter drugs do not work for you prescription medication can prove to be the key. When it comes to form a significant problem a topical retinoid like tretinoin (Refissa, Atralin, Tretin-X) or Tazoretone (Tazaroc, Avage) can do the trick and remove the blackheads successfully.

Are there home-remedies for blackheads?

Next to the remedies than can be bought at grocery and drug stores there are a some solutions which can be considerd as ‘home-remedies’. Comedo extractors can be bought in most pharmacies and online. This tool will kind of looks like a spatula with a small opening can produce enough pressure from the sides of the comedo to get rid of the plug clogging the follicles. However be cautious while appying this pressure, the patient is obviously not a trained dermatologist and can easily cause damage to the skin. Pore strips and vacuum suction are also succesfull remedies for removing comedos.

– ‘Blackheads’ Gary W. Cole, MD, FAAD
– ‘Skin conditions by the number’ American Academy of Dermatology


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