Tried all kinds of healthy smoothies, excersises, crash-diets and still no effect? If you implement these 20 easy tips you’ll live a healthier life while losing that extra weight at the same time!

1. Stop ordering and start making your own meals

2. Don’t take the elevators start using the stairs instead

3. Don’t grab a snack just because you’re bored try to do something productive

4. Water is your best friend never forget that

5. Buy smaller plates!

6. Start drinking your coffee & tea without sugar

7. Be patient and don’t give up the process can be long remember that

8. Have you heard of the %70 rule? Use it! When you start to feel full stop eating for a while. Eventually you’ll get the feeling you won’t need to eat more.

9. Don’t drink those calories

10. Get rid of the biggest toxin in your life.. SUGAR

11. Stay a while away from the mirror. This will keep your motivation going

12. Make sure you drink enough water, buy bottles and glasses with measurements on it

Know what you drink! This will also keep it fun and keep you motivated. Having these bottles is a must!

13. To keep your mind off food chew sugar-free gum

14. I know this may be the most awful point but… Stay away from alcohol!

15. When you feel a bit hungry have some more water

16. Think of excersizing as a social activity

17. To do just one thing at the gym is better than doing nothing the whole day

18. Don’t just ignore your cravings but instead try to choose for healthier alternatives

I know it’s hard coming home from work and trying to fix a healthy plate which is also not so time-consuming, especially when you’re a working mom! If you’re running out of ideas try a cookbook! This book will have you serve a nutricious and tasty meal in no-time!

19. If you don’t like going to the gym try to find an activity that you’d enjoy

20. Motivation is the first step to losing weight but to keep those extra pounds gone, discipline is needed!

Use these tips to improve your life quality and try to make them a standard of your way to live. Don’t forget that it’s not just about looking good.. Actually it’s about choosing a healthy way of life!


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