The US prosecutor has demanded more than 25 years in prison against R. Kelly. The 55-year-old singer was previously found guilty of abusing underage girls and illegally bringing them to various states in America, which is considered “sex trafficking” in the United States ‘Reuter’ reports.

“This gentleman is convinced that the world cannot do without him”

According to the prosecutors, R. Kelly abused his position as a well-known singer, and the associated wealth, which made it easy for him to grab vulnerable girls and hold them in his grasp. The victims were sexually and mentally abused, something R. Kelly seemed to have no regrets about during the months-long trial, prosecutors say.

“The accused person has abused his status for decades, which was fueled by narcissism. This gentleman is convinced that the world cannot do without him and that these underage girls should be grateful to him for the opportunity he gave them. R. Kelly is a danger to society and should be kept under lock and key for as long as possible,” said a spokesman for the prosecutors.

According to one of R. Kelly’s lawyers, Jennifer Bonjean, “a prison sentence of less than 14 years would also suffice.” According to her, R. Kelly’s past and personality plays a big role in this. The lawyer did not want to go into further details

The judge will rule on June 29th. R. Kelly plans to appeal the ruling but is awaiting the final verdict before he and his lawyers take action. The singer has so far denied doing anything wrong.


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