Sandra Oh (50) struggled with complaints such as insomnia and back pain after she suddenly became famous in 2005 for her role in the hit series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. In the series ‘Actors on Actors’ of entertainment site ‘Variety’, the actress talks candidly about the downside of fame.

“When Grey’s Anatomy started, my life changed a lot,” says Sandra, who starred in the series for ten seasons as Doctor Cristina Yang. “I think my whole body was very sick at that time. Even though you continue to work, you feel things like ‘Oh, I can’t sleep’ and ‘Oh, my back hurts’ and ‘I don’t know what’s happening, there is something wrong with my skin.’ I learned that my health should come first.”

Since then, the Canadian has been keeping a close eye on her mental and physical health. “It’s not just your body, is it? It’s your soul, your mind,” says the actress. “You can’t let that depend on someone else. You have to find it in yourself somehow.”


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