It was a bit scary to see what turn Will Smiths (53) career would take after the Oscar incident. The outburst of the actor towards comedian Chris Rock received a lot of (media) attention. The reactions and opinions were very divided, everyone had an opinion to express. But now that the storm has lied down, Will is bracing himself for a huge comeback, according to an insider.

While Will Smith won’t be on the Oscars guest list for the next ten years, he may soon appear in “I Am Legend 2.” A source told that to The US Sun. According to that person, nothing has been made official yet, but the script does contain Smith’s character. In the first film of 2007, the actor already took on the role of the main character Robert Neville. There would be no indication that the producers now want to remove Will from the ‘I Am Legend’ films.

y the way, the insider is convinced that the fuss surrounding Will Smith will fade into oblivion. “The world moves on. In recent weeks, everyone has been busy with something different, for example the ‘Depp vs. Heard’ case. That plays in Will Smith’s favor,” said the source. Whether Will will appear in the sequel to “I Am Legend” is to be later heard or seen, probably we’ll have more info late this year or early 2023.


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