Kevin Spacey appeared in court for the first time today in London over the alleged assault of three men. Spacey only took the floor to give his name, date of birth and address. His lawyer stated that Spacey denies all allegations.

The 62-year-old actor was surrounded by dozens of journalists and cameramen on arrival at Westminster Magistrates Court. After about half an hour, he was told that he may await the next hearing in freedom and left the court again. That hearing is scheduled for July 14th.

In total, there are four charges against the actor. He is also accused of inciting someone to commit sexual abuse including penetration without the other’s consent. The incidents are said to have taken place in London between 2005 and 2008 and in the west of England in 2013.

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Spacey said he wants to challenge the charges and says he is innocent. He was in the United Kingdom at the time because he was the artistic director of The Old Vic Theater between 2004 and 2015.

Spacey was previously accused of sexual abuse and was discredited in 2017 for allegedly assaulting the then 14-year-old actor Anthony Rapp in 1986. He is also said to have misbehaved on the set of the Netflix series House of Cards. These accusations put a temporary end to his successful career.

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Spacey was fired from House of Cards, of which he was not only a lead actor but also an executive producer. Two episodes of the sixth season had already been shot, but they were cut and the series was rewritten. The actor was also cut from the film All the Money in the World just before the premiere and replaced by Christopher Plummer.

In the United States, the actor has not been convicted so far. Rapp’s case got dropped in court due to lack of evidence and also a Massachusetts prosecutor dropped a charge of a possible assault.


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