King Harald (85) and Queen Sonja (85) of Norway are going to have a discussion with their son-in-law, shaman Durek Verrett (47), about the fact that he’s selling expensive and controversial medallions. They informed state broadcaster ‘NRK’ of their planned conversation this week. It is the first time that the Norwegian royal couple responds to the criticism that the fiancé of Princess Märtha Louise (50) has been receiving.

The Norwegian king had previously made it clear to his son-in-law that he and his fiancée, Princess Märtha Louise, are not allowed to use their royal titles in commercial activities. “I think it hasn’t quite sunk in yet what we meant, but we are in a process and I’m sure it will sort itself out,” Harald said. “We will talk to him, as we do in a family. But I don’t promise that it will be resolved already by tomorrow.” Queen Sonja added that there is a big difference between Norway and the United States, where Verrett is from: “We notice that there is a culture clash.”

Verrett came under scrutiny in Norway for selling medallions for about 200 dollars each that would help people recover from a corona infection. In a video, which the shaman shared with his more than 260,000 Instagram followers, he said he had refused medical treatment and instead used a so-called “spirit optimizer” to recover from corona. “Everyone thought I should go to the hospital. At the hospital they said I had to take all kinds of chemical things and they wanted to hook me up to a breathing machine. I said no. The spirits tell you what you need to recover. I used the medallion to get the poison out of my system.”


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