Erdogan: “Europe reaps what it sowed and faces serious problems this winter”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the energy crisis in Europe is the result of European sanctions against Russia. Those economic sanctions came in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “Europe is reaping what it has sown,” Erdogan says. “I think Europe will have serious problems this winter.”

Erdogan made his statements, according to AFP news agency, on Tuesday during a press conference in the Turkish capital Ankara. “Europe is reaping what it has sown,” it sounded. “Europe’s attitude toward Mr. Putin and the sanctions have led him, whether we like it or not, to say, ‘If you do this, I will do that.'”

“Putin is using all the means and weapons at his disposal, first and foremost natural gas. We don’t want that, but I think Europe will face serious problems this winter,” he added, saying Turkey “will not face such problems.”

In doing so, Erdogan is following Russia’s discourse on the energy crisis. The Kremlin on Monday let it be known through spokesman Dmitry Peskov that Russia will not resume gas deliveries to Europe until sanctions are lifted.

Natural Gas

The EU has stopped buying coal from Russia and is gradually introducing a ban on Russian oil. For natural gas imports, there are no restrictions yet. This is where the country bloc is heavily dependent on Russia. But with Russia turning off the tap itself, the price of gas has exploded. This is causing problems for companies and families, who can no longer pay their high energy bills.

Friend of Russia and Ukraine

For its part, Turkey maintains good relations with both Moscow and Kiev. It refused to join Western economic sanctions against Russia. Erdogan announced in early August an agreement on a partial payment in rubles for deliveries of Russian gas to Turkey. By 2021, Russia accounted for about a quarter of Turkey’s oil imports and 45% of its natural gas purchases.


One suspect in Canada stabbings Found Dead, Other Still Without a Trace

The Canadian police have found the body of one of the suspects in the stabbings of last Sunday. In two neighboring villages in the province of Saskatchewan, a total of ten people were killed and another eighteen were injured. The other suspected perpetrator, his brother, is still missing and reportedly injured.

At issue is the body of 31-year-old Damien Sanderson. Police found him dead in the indigenous community of James Smith Cree Nation, the neighborhood where the stabbings took place. This was announced by Deputy Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at a press conference. They assume that his injuries were not self-inflicted.

His brother Myles Sanderson (30) has not yet been found. Police believe he is somewhere in the city of Regina and suspect that he too is injured. Myles Sanderson is believed to have an extensive criminal record.

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Ten dead in thirteen stabbings

The events occurred Sunday morning local time in the province of Saskatchewan, which is in central Canada. The two suspected perpetrators traveled to the remote villages of James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon, not far from the city of Prince Albert, which has an extensive indigenous population.

A total of ten people were killed at 13 different locations in the two villages. Among them were a 77-year-old man and a mother of two daughters. They are the first victims who could be identified. Eighteen other people were injured.


The suspected perpetrators fled the scene and police warned all residents of Saskatchewan as well as neighboring provinces to “remain vigilant.” They were urged to be on the lookout for a black Nissan SUV whose license plate was released.

To help find them as quickly as possible, police also distributed photos of the two brothers, along with their names and ages.

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First Known Victims of Canadian Massacre: Mother of Two, Her partner, Bus driver and 77-year-old Widower

Residents have identified some of the victims of the deadly series of stabbings in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. They are said to be mother of two Lana Head, her partner, bus driver Earl Burns Sr. and Wes Petterson, a 77-year-old widower. This is reported by ‘APTN National News’ and the Canadian press agency ‘The Canadian Press News’, among others.

We reported earlier:

In Saskatchewan, two perpetrators carried out a massacre in thirteen different places. At least ten people died and fifteen were injured, according to the police. It is possible, however, that there are more. The suspects are still on the run, and a major manhunt is underway.

On social media, Cassie Constant tells how her uncle is with the fatalities. “My uncle Earl Burns Sr. was a good family man with a good heart and a warm smile. He was also a public school bus driver for many years. He did not deserve this. None of them deserved this,” she wrote alongside a photo of the victim.


Michael Brett Burns told ‘APTN National News’ that his ex Lana Head is among those killed. She is the mother of their two daughters. Her male partner did not survive either. Both died in the James Smith Cree Nation reserve. According to the man, the local community is in shock. He himself spent last night at Melfort Hospital comforting fellow sufferers.

Residents of Weldon, another place where the men struck, have identified a victim as Wes Petterson, a 77-year-old widower. His adult grandson was reportedly in the house when the men struck. He is said to have been in the basement and called the police. “He stayed downstairs until they were gone,” said local resident Robert Rush. He described the victim as a friendly seventy-something who had lost his wife. “He didn’t hurt a fly,” he responded.

Another resident, Ruby Works, says the same. According to her, the old man was like an uncle to her. “I collapsed and fell to the ground when I heard the news. I have known him since I was a little girl,” she says of the moment she heard the news. According to the woman, the seventy-year-old loved his cats, was proud of his homemade berry jam and was always ready to help his neighbours. “He did nothing wrong,” she says. “He didn’t deserve this. He was a good, kind-hearted man.”

EVERYTHING WE KNOW NOW. Ten dead and at least 15 injured in multiple stabbings in Canada, two suspects on the run

In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, at least ten people have been killed and fifteen injured in stabbings at various locations. The police reported this at a press conference. It is possible that there are more victims. Two suspects are still on the run, and a large-scale manhunt is underway.

The suspects are 31-year-old Damien Sanderson and 30-year-old Myles Sanderson. They are believed to be travelling in a black Nissan Rogue, although police do not know if the pair have changed vehicles in the meantime. Police warn that the two are still believed to be “armed and dangerous” and have issued an alert for the province of Saskatchewan and for neighbouring provinces of Alberta and Manitoba. Nothing is yet known about a possible motive of the suspects. No information has been released either on the relationship between the suspects, who share the same surname.

The attacks took place in several places, including the villages of James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon in the province of Saskatchewan. The first report of a stabbing came in to police at 5.40am (local time) on Sunday, quickly followed by reports of several more stabbing incidents. The fatalities were found at thirteen different locations. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating the crime scenes. Leaders of the communities that make up James Smith Cree Nation have locally declared a state of emergency.

Injured “in critical condition”

According to the police, the attackers seem to have targeted some victims specifically, while other attacks seem to have been random. Some of the slightly injured may have gone to different hospitals for treatment, and police are urging them to get in touch. Meanwhile, health authorities in Saskatchewan reported that several injured people are “in critical condition”, raising concerns that the death toll could rise even further.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has since reacted to the attacks, calling them “horrific and heartbreaking”. The Prime Minister thanked all the police officers and aid workers involved and said that his thoughts were with the injured and the surviving relatives.