The lawyers of Johnny Depp (58) filed a motion on Tuesday to delete a comment from the closing argument that their colleagues representing Amber Heard (36) gave on Friday. The judge rejected it because the jury is already in deliberation.

Johnny objects to a comment made by Amber’s legal team that the jury’s decision would send a message to all victims of domestic violence. The comment made on Friday basically was that if the jury voted against Heard, they would let the world know that victims of domestic violence are only believed if they show no flaws at all.

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Johnny’s team doesn’t think it’s appropriate for Amber’s lawyers to raise a broader social issue, as the jury only will decide on this specific case. In the motion, which local news channel Fox5 DC brought out, the lawyers call the passage from the closing argument an inappropriate argument.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is demanding $50 million from his ex-wife because she wrote a piece in The Washington Post in which she shared her experiences with domestic violence. Johnny was not mentioned by name but still sued Amber for defamation, as it was very clear that she was writing about him.


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