Amber Heard Suggests Johnny Depp’s Exes Are Too Scared To Accuse Him: ‘Look at what happened to me’

The lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is over. But even though Amber lost out in court, she isn’t about to give in easily. In an interview, she talked about Kate Moss and other ex-girlfriends of Johnny Depp. “Look at what happened to me. Would you testify against him?”

Amber Heard, 36, has been throwing accusation after accusation at her ex-husband’s head since the Fairfax, Virginia trial was concluded. In an interview for NBC, with journalist Savannah Guthrie, she suggested, among other things, that Johnny’s ex-girlfriends are too afraid to testify against them. The actor’s exes, including Vanessa Paradis and Kate Moss, have always stated that Depp never abused them. The latter even did so under oath, in court. “Johnny never pushed me down the stairs, he never hit me,” Moss said.

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But according to Amber, they are lying. She made that clear when Guthrie questioned her allegations: “You are the only woman who has ever accused Johnny Depp of violence. Why are you convinced that he has treated other women the same way when they all deny it?”

“Look at what happened to me when I came out with my story,” said Amber. “Would you do it?”

Amber says she is shocked by the many hate messages she received online. “It was a frightening experience to talk about this,” she concludes. “For a victim of sexual assault, there is nothing worse than being called a liar and being humiliated.”


Amber Heard Wants To Prove Abuse of Johnny Depp With Therapy Session Notes

Amber Heard (36) is clearly not going to give in easily. Earlier this week it appeared that the actress had given an interview to NBC. In the meantime, it had also emerged that the ‘Aquaman’ actress had let the network see documents made by her therapist.

On Thursday, a day before Amber Heard’s interview appears on ‘Dateline’, it was revealed that the actress had given NBC access to a series of personal documents. “The notes in this folder are from 2011, from the beginning of my relationship. They were made by my doctor to whom I told about the abuse,” it sounds in a preview.

The documents, which can be seen on the screen during the interview, include a specific incident from 2012. It states, among other things, that Johnny Depp “threw her against a wall and threatened to kill her”. Eight months later, the actor is said to have “torn her nightgown and then threw her on the bed”. In 2013, Depp is said to have again “threw his ex-wife against a wall and threatened to kill her”.

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The notes in question were not used in the trial between the two actors. Amber Heard’s lawyers failed to have the documents included. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp also responded to Heard’s interview with NBC. A spokesperson for the actor made it clear that Depp “just wants to get on with his life”. “It is unfortunate that the defendant and her team continue to repeat and reconsider certain cases that the court has already ruled on. And that while a jury has already ruled in favor of Johnny Depp,” was said in a statement.

Amber Heard speaks out about Johnny Depp again: ‘I still love him’

Amber Heard (36) has again spoken out about her ex-husband, Johnny Depp in the second part of her interview with NBC. Also in the program ‘Today’ she spoke about the televised lawsuit in which she lost against Johnny Depp.

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Amber Heard says she still loves Johnny Depp, despite the fact that he allegedly raped her. “I feel humiliated,” she says. “I know he promised to humiliate me and he thinks he succeeded… I’m not a ‘good’ victim, I know that. I’m not ‘likable’, people don’t like me. I am not perfect. But I asked the jury to see me as a person. Still, Johnny seems to have succeeded in his goal.”

See the interview here:

Journalist Savannah Guthrie wonders if Amber isn’t afraid to speak about the case publicly. According to the court verdict, she lied about the domestic violence, so any statement she makes about Johnny may be yet another slander. “Yes, I took it for granted that I had a right of expression, but that turned out not to be the case,” she says. “I’m afraid he’s going to charge me again, yes. I fear that anything I say or do, however I say or do it, will be a cause for silencing me in such a way. They take my voice away. That was the intent of the lawsuit, to silence me.”

Yet she does not want to remain silent. “My opinion piece was really not about him,” she says, even though Guthrie clearly doesn’t believe her. “It was about lending my voice to a larger cultural discussion that we were having in the world at the time. I definitely didn’t want to let it be about him. I’ve had teams of lawyers proofread every version of that piece so it certainly wouldn’t look like that.”

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She said she didn’t want Johnny to lose work because of her opinion piece. “Of course not. That was not my intention. I didn’t even want it to ever get known that Johnny was abusing me.” She steadfastly denies that she contacted news channel TMZ to tip them about her alleged injuries. “Why would I do that? Why would someone I know do that?”

“I still love him,” she admits. “But now I’m going to focus on raising my daughter. If I ever tell her about this, she’ll know I did the right thing.”


Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck Reveal Album Name and Release Date

The joint album made by Johnny Depp (59) and Jeff Beck (59) has been titled ’18’ and will be released on July 15. The actor and guitarist announced this on Thursday. The first single from the album has also been released.

“When Johnny and I started playing together, it really fueled our youthful spirit and creativity. We joked about feeling 18 again, so that became the album title,” Jeff said in a statement. The first single of 18 is called ‘This is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr’ and is written by Johnny. “I was blown away by it,” Jeff said. The actor, in turn, calls working with the singer-songwriter an “extraordinary honour.” The two say they have been working on the album for three years.

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Johnny Depp’s Motorcycle From Cry-Baby Up For Auction Soon

The motorcycle Johnny Depp (59) rode for the movie ‘Cry-Baby’ will soon be up for auction. The bike, a 1955 Harley Davidson Model K, is up for sale by GWS Auctions. The opening bid is currently set at USD 250,000 (approximately EUR 238,000).

Johnny surprised everyone last month when he showed up unannounced at some of the singer’s performances in the United Kingdom. The two played some covers of John Lennon, Marvin Gaye and Jimi Hendrix, among others.

At the beginning of this month, Johnny missed the US judge’s ruling in the defamation suit he had brought against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The actor was right in that case and will receive a compensation of $ 15 million. The case revolved around an opinion piece his ex had written about her experiences with domestic violence. Although Johnny’s name was not mentioned in it, he stated that it was clear that the article was about him and that his career and reputation suffered as a result.

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Johnny Depp’s Motorcycle From Cry-Baby Up For Auction Soon

The motorcycle Johnny Depp (59) rode for the movie ‘Cry-Baby’ will soon be up for auction. The bike, a 1955 Harley Davidson Model K, is up for sale by GWS Auctions. The opening bid is currently set at USD 250,000 (approximately EUR 238,000).

According to the auction house, the motorcycle is in good condition, but it is not clear whether it can still be driven. The bike has been exhibited in various places over the years.

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In 1990’s Cry-Baby, Johnny plays the title role in what later became a cult film. Traci Lords, Ricki Lake and Amy Locane, among others, also had a role in the film.

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More celebrity items are up for auction, such as the hat Britney Spears wore during her 2000 Video Music Awards performance. Also a mandolin by Janis Joplin that she gave to Jimi Hendrix is going up for sale.

Lawyer Johnny Depp calls relationship rumors ‘unethical and sexist’

Camille Vasquez (37), one of the lawyers who represented Johnny Depp (59) in his case against his ex-wife Amber Heard (36), calls the rumors circulating about a possible relationship between her and the actor ‘unethical and sexist’. She made these statements in an interview with ‘People’.

“It’s disappointing and unprofessional that people immediately look for more about our relationship, especially since Johnny has been a client of mine for over four years”

“I care deeply about my clients and of course, the bond between us has grown stronger over the weeks of the trial. But when I say ‘us’ I mean the whole team and not just myself. It’s disappointing and unprofessional that people immediately look for more about our relationship, especially since Johnny has been a client of mine for over four years and we have developed a friendly relationship. But this is how it goes in society, so somehow I wasn’t surprised either,” said Camille.

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The fact that Camille is now suddenly a star herself is a bit of a surprise to the lawyer. “It’s weird when people want to take selfies with you and all kinds of interview requests come in. But apparently, that’s part of it, I didn’t know that yet. What is most important to me is that I get messages from girls and young women who have been inspired by me to also study law. That is the best gift for me.”

There is even more news about Johnny Depp: one of the penthouses that the actor owned during his marriage to Amber Heard is for sale for 1.6 million euros. Housed in the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles, the property is one of five penthouses the Hollywood star had in his real estate portfolio. The penthouse is almost 160 square meters in size, has one bedroom and two bathrooms. In addition, there is a large roof terrace with a swimming pool. From the roof there is a view of all of Los Angeles.

The other apartments are also for sale, but this particular property is where Johnny and Amber lived during their brief, and tumultuous, marriage. Amber’s friends and family lived in the other buildings.

Johnny Depp Files a Request to have Amber Heard’s Closing Arguments Deleted

The lawyers of Johnny Depp (58) filed a motion on Tuesday to delete a comment from the closing argument that their colleagues representing Amber Heard (36) gave on Friday. The judge rejected it because the jury is already in deliberation.

Johnny objects to a comment made by Amber’s legal team that the jury’s decision would send a message to all victims of domestic violence. The comment made on Friday basically was that if the jury voted against Heard, they would let the world know that victims of domestic violence are only believed if they show no flaws at all.

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Johnny’s team doesn’t think it’s appropriate for Amber’s lawyers to raise a broader social issue, as the jury only will decide on this specific case. In the motion, which local news channel Fox5 DC brought out, the lawyers call the passage from the closing argument an inappropriate argument.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is demanding $50 million from his ex-wife because she wrote a piece in The Washington Post in which she shared her experiences with domestic violence. Johnny was not mentioned by name but still sued Amber for defamation, as it was very clear that she was writing about him.

Closing arguments in Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard lawsuit have been concluded: what’s in store for us?

On Thursday, the last witnesses were called in the trial between Johnny Depp (58) and Amber Heard (36). On Friday it was time for the closing arguments and the lawyers were given one last chance to convince the jury. Depp’s legal team begged the judges to give the actor his life back. “His life is at stake.” And Amber Heard’s lawyers were again very combative. “If he abused her once, she wins.”

In 2018, Amber Heard published an op-ed in The Washington Post. In it she wrote about domestic violence. Her ex-lover’s name – whom she met at the age of 23 on the set of ‘The Rum Diary’ – was not mentioned once, but everyone knew immediately who she was talking about. It is for that column in the American quality newspaper that Depp is now demanding fifty million dollars from the blond ‘Aquaman’ actress. He wants to have his name cleared in hopes of saving his waning career. Not much later, Heard filed a counterclaim against Depp, in turn demanding $100 million from him for defamation.

For six weeks we’ve listened to tough lawyers, bizarre psychiatrists, and striking confessions, but the trial has finally come to an end. The last witnesses were called on Thursday. On Friday, the lawyers for both Depp and Heard gave their closing arguments. When the last word has been said, it is the turn of the seven-member jury. But when will there be a verdict? Unfortunately, that is difficult to estimate, because we work with a jury. The timing of the ruling depends on how quickly they agree. The judges may reconvene daily until they reach a conclusion.

What are the stakes?

To win, Johnny Depp must prove not only that he was falsely accused of domestic violence, but also that the essay Heard wrote did cause him harm. If he proves right, Amber Heard will have to pay him damages – which will probably be quite high, given that he is demanding $50 million from her. However, she has filed a counterclaim for $100 million. This is also included in the decision-making process. If it is decided that Johnny Depp is indeed liable for her claim, he will also have to pay damages. Incidentally, it is also possible that the jury is not convinced by both parties and that they decide that neither of them should receive compensation. “The jury decides on damages and yes, it is quite possible that none will be awarded,” a spokesperson for Johnny Depp told The New York Post.

If the jury decides Amber Heard is not guilty, she will be able to recover (some of) her legal costs. Depp will then have to pay for that. The amount she will receive will be determined by a judge. In any case, the two do not have to fear a prison sentence. This is a civil action, not a criminal case. So a prison sentence is out of the question.