You would almost forget, but Tom Cruise (59) and Nicole Kidman (54) once formed a happy family. They even adopted two children. Where their parents like to be in the spotlight the same can’t be said for Isabella, who is now called Bella (29) and Connor (27). This is what Bella looks like now!

Bella was adopted by the acting couple in 1992 and her brother Connor was added to the family three years later. The couple opted for adoption because they had previously lost their baby during pregnancy. Tom and Nicole’s daughter is now 29 years old!!

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise fell in love in 1989 and a year later their love was sealed with marriage. They soon adopted Bella and Connor, but in 2001 their relationship came to an abrupt ending. The actress revealed years later that she did not see the divorce coming at all, but that Tom suddenly handed her the divorce papers.

The divorce is rumored to be due to Tom’s religion. He was already a supporter of the Church of Scientology by then. Nicole later denied this story. According to her, the divorce was not due to Tom’s religion but several other factors were in play such as their fame and age. Nicole also had another miscarriage in 2001.

The couple initially wanted to share custody of the children, but not much of these intentions came true. Nicole allegedly now even has almost no contact at all with her adopted children, who by the way, like their father, are followers of The Church of Scientology.

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The actress does not reveal much about Bella and Connor in interviews, but in 2018 she said the following to WHO Magazine: “They are mature and able to make their own choices. They have chosen to believe in Scientology. I am their mother and it is my job to love them.”

The contact between Nicole and her adopted children has weakened considerably over time. Bella is now married and lives with her husband in London. Her parents and brother were not invited to the party.

Connor is now 27, lives in Florida, and works as a DJ. In 2014, he spoke about his mother on Women’s Day. “I love my mom. It doesn’t matter what people say, she’s my mom and I love her very much.”

Meanwhile, Nicole has been happy with Keith Urban for years. Together they have two children: Sunday Rose (13) and Faith Margaret (11).

Tom Cruise had a daughter with Katie Holmes in 2006. Suri is now 16 years old.

All things said this all could make into one huge drama of a reality show!


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