The motorcycle Johnny Depp (59) rode for the movie ‘Cry-Baby’ will soon be up for auction. The bike, a 1955 Harley Davidson Model K, is up for sale by GWS Auctions. The opening bid is currently set at USD 250,000 (approximately EUR 238,000).

According to the auction house, the motorcycle is in good condition, but it is not clear whether it can still be driven. The bike has been exhibited in various places over the years.

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Lawyer Johnny Depp calls relationship rumors ‘unethical and sexist’

Camille Vasquez (37), one of the lawyers who represented Johnny Depp (59) in his case against his ex-wife Amber Heard (36), calls the rumors circulating about a possible relationship between her and the actor ‘unethical and sexist’. She made these statements in an interview with ‘People’.

In 1990’s Cry-Baby, Johnny plays the title role in what later became a cult film. Traci Lords, Ricki Lake and Amy Locane, among others, also had a role in the film.

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Lawyers Johnny Depp speak of ‘fair’ trial against Amber Heard

Camille Vasquez and Benjamin Chew, the lawyers of Johnny Depp (58), believe that the lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard (36) has been ‘fair’. The two lawyers stated that on Wednesday on the talk show ‘Good Morning America’. They responded to criticism against the process. The actress’ legal team said, among other things, that Johnny won the lawsuit because the jury was biased and influenced by the many negative comments about her on social media.

More celebrity items are up for auction, such as the hat Britney Spears wore during her 2000 Video Music Awards performance. Also a mandolin by Janis Joplin that she gave to Jimi Hendrix is going up for sale.

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