Shakira Dances Away The Pain

It came as a huge shock to hear about the breakup of the famous couple. Later on, it was even a bigger of a shocker for a lot of men, to hear that Pique allegedly cheated on Shakira.
Much has been written and talked about after the news bomb, it seems however that Shakira isn’t bothered at all!

Without showing any effects of the late separation from her husband and the father of her children Gerard Pique, Shakira has been seen flaunting her dancing skills with Nick Jonas on “Dancing with myself”. Although it can also be said that Shakira has been showing Pique what he’s been missing out on…

The Colombian diva has shared the below video with her 74 million followers on Instagram.

Ex-husband Britney Spears Gets Restraining Order After Disrupting Wedding

Jason Alexander (40), the ex-husband of Britney Spears (40) who last week wanted to crash the singer’s wedding with her lover Sam Asghari (28), has been given a three-year restraining order. He is not allowed to go near Britney, call or text her, or contact her in any other way during that time. That has been determined by a judge in Los Angeles.

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Although Jason has pleaded not guilty to the allegations of his “presence” at the wedding, he has all appearances against him. Britney’s ex-husband, to whom she was married for only 55 hours in a frenzy in Las Vegas, filmed the whole thing on Instagram Live. This made it rather easy for the police to arrest him.

The judge has set Jason’s bail at more than 100.000 Dollars. Until that amount is paid, he will remain in custody for the time being. He is also charged with stalking a person, Britney in this case. And it doesn’t end there for Jason: he had already been charged with theft in another case.

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New Thor Movie Becomes Shortest Marvel of The Past Four Years

The new Marvel title, Thor: Love and Thunder, will be the studio’s shortest feature film of the last four years. The new adventure of the Norse god Thor lasts only 1 hour 59 minutes. The last Marvel movie to end within two hours was 2018’s Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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The lead role is again played by Chris Hemsworth, who also played the superhero in the earlier Thor films. Natalie Portman (as the female Thor), Tessa Thompson (as Valkyrie) and Christian Bale (as Gorr the God Butcher) also star in the movie. Taika Waititi, who directed the third part Thor: Ragnarok, took over the directing again for this release.

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The longest Marvel film to date was Avengers: Endgame from 2019. The length of three hours and one minute did not bother fans. The film is the second most commercially successful cinema title of all time with a worldwide gross receipt of 2.7 billion dollars. Avatar (2009 with $2.8 billion) is in first place, while Titanic (1997, with $2.4 billion) is still in bronze.

Will Smith plans his comeback after Oscar fuss: “People have already forgotten”

It was a bit scary to see what turn Will Smiths (53) career would take after the Oscar incident. The outburst of the actor towards comedian Chris Rock received a lot of (media) attention. The reactions and opinions were very divided, everyone had an opinion to express. But now that the storm has lied down, Will is bracing himself for a huge comeback, according to an insider.

While Will Smith won’t be on the Oscars guest list for the next ten years, he may soon appear in “I Am Legend 2.” A source told that to The US Sun. According to that person, nothing has been made official yet, but the script does contain Smith’s character. In the first film of 2007, the actor already took on the role of the main character Robert Neville. There would be no indication that the producers now want to remove Will from the ‘I Am Legend’ films.

y the way, the insider is convinced that the fuss surrounding Will Smith will fade into oblivion. “The world moves on. In recent weeks, everyone has been busy with something different, for example the ‘Depp vs. Heard’ case. That plays in Will Smith’s favor,” said the source. Whether Will will appear in the sequel to “I Am Legend” is to be later heard or seen, probably we’ll have more info late this year or early 2023.

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck Reveal Album Name and Release Date

The joint album made by Johnny Depp (59) and Jeff Beck (59) has been titled ’18’ and will be released on July 15. The actor and guitarist announced this on Thursday. The first single from the album has also been released.

“When Johnny and I started playing together, it really fueled our youthful spirit and creativity. We joked about feeling 18 again, so that became the album title,” Jeff said in a statement. The first single of 18 is called ‘This is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr’ and is written by Johnny. “I was blown away by it,” Jeff said. The actor, in turn, calls working with the singer-songwriter an “extraordinary honour.” The two say they have been working on the album for three years.

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Johnny Depp’s Motorcycle From Cry-Baby Up For Auction Soon

The motorcycle Johnny Depp (59) rode for the movie ‘Cry-Baby’ will soon be up for auction. The bike, a 1955 Harley Davidson Model K, is up for sale by GWS Auctions. The opening bid is currently set at USD 250,000 (approximately EUR 238,000).

Johnny surprised everyone last month when he showed up unannounced at some of the singer’s performances in the United Kingdom. The two played some covers of John Lennon, Marvin Gaye and Jimi Hendrix, among others.

At the beginning of this month, Johnny missed the US judge’s ruling in the defamation suit he had brought against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The actor was right in that case and will receive a compensation of $ 15 million. The case revolved around an opinion piece his ex had written about her experiences with domestic violence. Although Johnny’s name was not mentioned in it, he stated that it was clear that the article was about him and that his career and reputation suffered as a result.

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Diddy Dating City Girls Rapper Yung Miami

Diddy (52) has a new flame. The music producer is dating rapper Yung Miami (28), half of hip-hop duo City Girls. He confirmed this in her program ‘Caresha Please’.

“We go on dates.. We go to Stripclubs, we go to Church”

During the talk show, for which the musician uses her real name Caresha Brownlee, she asked about Diddy’s relationship status. He replied, “I’m single, but I’m dating. I’m just taking my time in life.” She then asked more specifically what the two of them were. He then said: “We are dating. We are dating. We go on dates, we are friends. We go to exotic places, we have fun together, we go to strip clubs, we go to church.”

The two have quite the age difference. Diddy is 52 and Caresha 28, the age difference between the 2 is exactly the same age as his oldest biological son Justin. During his relationship with Kim Porter, with whom he dated intermittently between 1994 and 2007, he adopted her son from a previous marriage, Quincy (now 31). Together they had a son Christian (24) and twin daughters D’Lila and Jessie (15). Diddy is also the father of daughter Chance (16) from another relationship.

View the full episode here:

Johnny Depp’s Motorcycle From Cry-Baby Up For Auction Soon

The motorcycle Johnny Depp (59) rode for the movie ‘Cry-Baby’ will soon be up for auction. The bike, a 1955 Harley Davidson Model K, is up for sale by GWS Auctions. The opening bid is currently set at USD 250,000 (approximately EUR 238,000).

According to the auction house, the motorcycle is in good condition, but it is not clear whether it can still be driven. The bike has been exhibited in various places over the years.

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Lawyer Johnny Depp calls relationship rumors ‘unethical and sexist’

Camille Vasquez (37), one of the lawyers who represented Johnny Depp (59) in his case against his ex-wife Amber Heard (36), calls the rumors circulating about a possible relationship between her and the actor ‘unethical and sexist’. She made these statements in an interview with ‘People’.

In 1990’s Cry-Baby, Johnny plays the title role in what later became a cult film. Traci Lords, Ricki Lake and Amy Locane, among others, also had a role in the film.

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Lawyers Johnny Depp speak of ‘fair’ trial against Amber Heard

Camille Vasquez and Benjamin Chew, the lawyers of Johnny Depp (58), believe that the lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard (36) has been ‘fair’. The two lawyers stated that on Wednesday on the talk show ‘Good Morning America’. They responded to criticism against the process. The actress’ legal team said, among other things, that Johnny won the lawsuit because the jury was biased and influenced by the many negative comments about her on social media.

More celebrity items are up for auction, such as the hat Britney Spears wore during her 2000 Video Music Awards performance. Also a mandolin by Janis Joplin that she gave to Jimi Hendrix is going up for sale.

Spotify Announces Documentary About Kendrick Lamar in Ghana

Kendrick Lamar raps on his latest album called Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers regularly about Ghana and the rap star from Compton was also in Ghana to complete the album. Now Spotify has released a trailer of a documentary about this journey that will be available at the streaming service next week.

In the video below, the rapper can be seen in Accra (capital of Ghana) he talks about how it feels like to be in Africa. In the same tweet, Spotify announced that the documentary will be released next week. The exact date on which the documentary is going to be released has not been announced yet.

The Other Side of Fame

Sandra Oh (50) struggled with complaints such as insomnia and back pain after she suddenly became famous in 2005 for her role in the hit series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. In the series ‘Actors on Actors’ of entertainment site ‘Variety’, the actress talks candidly about the downside of fame.

“When Grey’s Anatomy started, my life changed a lot,” says Sandra, who starred in the series for ten seasons as Doctor Cristina Yang. “I think my whole body was very sick at that time. Even though you continue to work, you feel things like ‘Oh, I can’t sleep’ and ‘Oh, my back hurts’ and ‘I don’t know what’s happening, there is something wrong with my skin.’ I learned that my health should come first.”

Since then, the Canadian has been keeping a close eye on her mental and physical health. “It’s not just your body, is it? It’s your soul, your mind,” says the actress. “You can’t let that depend on someone else. You have to find it in yourself somehow.”

Justin Bieber’s Face Partially Paralyzed by Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome

Justin Bieber (28) has Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, the superstar shared a video on Instagram explaining his current situation. As a result, his face is partially paralyzed.

“I wanted to give you an update on what’s going on,” the artist says in a video. The singer moved three shows earlier this week. “As you can probably tell from my face, I have a syndrome called Ramsay-Hunt syndrome.”

That comes from some kind of virus that attacks the nerve in my ear and face, Justin says, “and causes my face to be paralyzed.” He points out that one of his eyes is not blinking. “I can’t smile with this side of my face. This nostril can’t move, so it’s complete paralysis on this side of my face.”

He therefore emphasizes that he is not able to give performances now. “It’s pretty serious as you can see. I wish it wasn’t, but my body is telling me to take it easy and I hope you understand.” He will take some rest in the coming period, Justin continues. He is confident that everything will be okay. “We don’t know how long it’s going to take, but it’s going to be okay.”