Nick Cannon Hits The Bullseye Once Again: Becoming a Father for the Ninth Time!

Nick Cannon (41) will soon become a father for the ninth time. The actor expects a child with Abby De La Rosa (31), with whom he already has two children.

It’s the second time that Nick Cannon received good news in a short time. He is also expecting his eighth child with model Bre Tiesi soon. Cannon also has two children with Mariah Carey, twins Moroccan and Monroe (10). And he has two children with Brittany Bell aka Miss Guam 2014: daughter Powerful Queen (1) and son Golden Sagon (5).

He and singer Alyssa Scott had a son named Zen in June 2021, but unfortunately, the baby passed five months later from the effects of a brain tumor. Recently, Nick said he does his best to be “very visible” in the lives of all his children, “more than the average parent.” The fact that there are many kids does not change that, according to the actor.

We can only show our appreciation and respect to fathers like Nick. Wishing all hardworking fathers already a happy fathers day! By the way.. Nick is going to receive some serious father’s day gifts!


Monday Blues: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About It!

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m starting to feel bad again. But here is a list with items a lot of people battle with so do not feel alone. Do you have your diet scheme ready for this week? Then let’s start of with our list of add facts for Mondays!

1. The meaning of the word ‘Monday’ is ‘The Moons Day’ and comes from Old English formed by the words ‘mōnandæg’ and ‘monenday’.

2. Statistics show that stocks are in general higher on Mondays.

3. Workers tend to be less productive on Mondays. Studies show that at least 30% are less productive and can only work effective for 3.5 hours.

4. Another study shows that people working in England have more sulky face expressions than normal untill the afternoon.

5. The most online shopping occurs on… you guessed it right Monday! An ideal activity for lifelust and energy lacking employees.

A perfect way of wasting office hours on a Monday!

6. A research published in 2011 stated that when compared to other days, people talk 150% more about their problems and frustrations.

7. Half of the working population arrive late at work on Mondays!

8. The 40+ age group suffers the most from the Monday blues.

9. Records show that heart attacks are increased by 20% on Mondays when compared to other days.

10. It doesn’t really fit the picture but.. Mondays are less rainy than other days!